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All About the Kids

I have had a few shoots lately where the kids have been the center of attention. Kids grow so fast and I just love love LOVE capturing them as they do. Each age is so different and so fun. Although photographing kids isn’t an easy job, I love that after an hour shoot I feel like I just had a play date. Maybe my love for it comes from years of babysitting (pre-mom) or maybe its because I know what the outcome of the work will be…either way, these shoots leave me exhausted and 100% joyful. Sweating and winded, and smiling ear to ear.

I love to see Kaden & his mom when they come into town. Look up the word handsome and you will see this face. What a doll!

We had so much fun playing with all of the amazing stuff out at Eldorado Canyon. Kaden got to drive a bus, ride in a train cart, take a bath…what a little man’s dream photoshoot!

And of course I couldn’t resist a few shots of cousin Cambrie. She has my heart!

Next…3 cousins that I just couldn’t get enough of. They were so well behaved and such good listeners, after an hour I had so many good shots and still didn’t want to stop! We jumped around Boulder City to get some great locations, but this shoot didn’t need an amazing location…I mean, look at these faces!

I let them pick some poses and we had a ball. At the product meeting all of them showed up to see the pictures. They couldn’t stop giggling…one more reason I love my job. The hard work is so worth it.

And the last shoot of this post…I promise. My new friend Tyler is turning 5! He was just amazing in front of the camera. What a personality! Although we were counting down locations until we could be done, he was patient all the way through. And then once it came to an end, he was ready to go for more! You can tell he’s gonna be a heart stealer!

My favorite shot of the day…just playing around in a rock cave with the fish eye. I don’t know what it is about his face here but it captured the moment perfectly!


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