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Well its been ALMOST a year since I’ve blog. I’m a little ashamed, but not really. I’ve been very very busy growing the other side of my business! Last month I signed a lease on my first ever studio space. It really is such a (big, crazy, exciting, terrifying) dream come true! If you have chatted with me at all, you know that I’m now specializing in boudoir photography here in Denver. Now, I know that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but let me tell you, I have a passion for showing everyday woman just how extraordinary¬†they are! That doesn’t always mean lingerie and the sexy face!!! Its more about telling their story, in a stripped down, simplified version. Which sometimes means just a woman, feeling fantastic, wrapped in sheet. Sometimes it means a woman being super vulnerable and ready to see her true beauty in her favorite pair of jeans. Whatever it is, Blush & Tease is about showing women something that they just can’t see in the mirror.

I try to always keep Blush & Tease stuff separate for obvious reasons but I thought it was important to fill in my followers on my business ventures!¬†If boudoir isn’t for you…just skip this blog and be ready to see some great senior posts soon!

If you would like to know more about Blush & Tease…here are some links to fill you in:




And last but CERTAINLY not least…your personal invite to my open house next week! I hope to see you there!




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