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After weeks of getting settled in our new Colorado home, I’m finally finding a moment to sit down and share a sweet sweet shoot I got to be part of this summer.

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog you know I’ve been trying to find words to define my photography. Why I do what I do and what I capture from behind the lens. One of the things that I think is so important in life is to stop and smell the roses. Live in the here and now. Be present. While you have a million things on your plate, life is whizzing by. Children are growing up, moments are happening in a flash.

Most of you have read the story of the connection between Photos by Adena and Essie Rose Photography. This summer I had the amazing opportunity to photograph Emma’s first birthday shoot! Watching her grow from being in momma’s belly, to a tiny little peanut, crawling and now walking around running the show has been such a joy! Here are some of Essie’s maternity shots out at the dry lake bed.

An hour long photoshoot not only offers you some cool pictures. Its a time to stop everything thats going on around and enjoy the ones you love. Lots of smiles, laughter, kids showing off, and parents being super proud. Here’s a little then and now…

The planning for this shoot was um…extensive haha! Put 2 photographers together to plan 1 shoot…it was intense. But every moment was so fun and the results were perfection. We went back to the dry lake bed to let her play with props, props, and more props. Essie and I decided to record some video on our phones. So after playing with the pictures and footage, I came up with something kind of fun. DISCLAIMER: We are not videographers. Haha…most of the time the camera on the phone was recording and we forgot about it because we were having so much fun. So please don’t judge. And if you are a videographer, you may want to skip it…I don’t want to make you cringe. But for those of you who have watched your babies grow overnight, take a moment and watch Emma as her big one year old self. She is gorgeous, flawless, sweet and oh so fun. Enjoy!

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