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Its Almost 2013

Ok c/o 2013…its getting real! If we don’t have a date already on the books, lets handle some business!

Here are the last few senior shoots I’ve done!

First of all…Codi. This one really is a teaser. We had a quick shoot at her school this fall but because of a few weather delays we have pushed off part 2 until FEBRUARY! And it is KILLING ME! I can’t wait to finish what we started. Her and her momma are so so so much fun and look at those blue eyes. No photoshopping on those puppies. She’s breathtaking. Keep an eye out for some amazing shots downtown in a few months!

I met Taylor at his high school to start out our shoot on his home turf. Then we moved to Lake Las Vegas to get some classy shots of this classy guy. He had such a natural smile and, even though a 2 hour shoot isn’t every guy’s dream, he hung in there with a big grin. What a great sport! And a handsome one too!

Ryanne was such a blast to spend time with. The moment her family stepped into my office I knew we were going to have too much fun. Not only is she my neighbor one street over (which we had no idea…cue ‘Its a small world..”) but we just clicked! She was great in front of the camera and after an hour of shooting I felt like I had just hung out with a friend. After going through a trunk full of clothes, shoes and accessories, we successfully pulled off the first of her senior shoots….part 2 will come in the spring. I can’t wait!



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