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Joy in the Journey

A sweet, dear friend of mine recently sent me a box of goodies and in it was a canvas print that says “Find joy in the journey”. At the time, I thought it was a perfect saying to describe the past 6 months of my life.

Then a couple of weeks ago, a good friend and I started reading a book called “Restless” by an amazing, passionate author named Jennie Allen (we are only half way through the book right now and I already recommend it to anyone who likes to dream big, like myself). In the book Jennie says, “…eventually, our minutes and days equal our lives.” Her goal is to take her readers to a place “where no life or minute or breath ever feels small again.” It is so easy to look forward in life and not look around at what’s happening today. There always seems to be some sort of goal we are trying to reach, and in the meantime other amazing moments are slipping away. I think I’ve blogged about this before focused on my kids…man how time flies. But it really is meaning so much more to me everyday.

I’m sure you can insert your own phrase here: “When we pay off the credit card…” “After I get married…” “Well, once we buy a house…” “When I lose some weight…” “I think once the kids are both in school…” “I can’t wait until my business grows.” (I think I said that one). You know what I’m getting at. But what is happening today? I was chatting with my best friend about things going on in her life. Her and her husband recently moved back home after his time in the military. Their first goal, buy a house. Until then they are staying with family. The struggle of not letting the thought of their future home consume them hasn’t been an easy one. But the moments when they take a second and look around they find joy in the journey. They see a nephew that seems to grow bigger every minute and gets to spend time with his aunt and uncle everyday…they see a sister whose baby bump is appearing and their excitement grows with what is to come. They see mornings with quick coffee and “Have a good day!”s…tired evenings after work relaxing with the family and weekends with easy access to the people that mean the most to them. Now, in no way do those amazing moments take away from their goal. The goal is still there, but when they look around, so is the joy.

I see this so often in soon to be moms. OH, the excitement and anticipation that they feel. That baby could not come out fast enough. Granted, there are some fears…of the unknown, of the sleepless nights, getting peed on. But all in all, those momma’s arms are aching to hold her sweet baby. But what about the first time you hear their heart beat. Or the first time you feel them kick. Or even the first day that you DON’T throw up. Those moments are moments we would never exchange.

I guess since this is a photography blog I should throw some pictures in at some point…this was a good lead up to this amazing couple I met here in Denver! When they contacted me for maternity pictures I was so excited they were willing to brave the cold to capture this precious time before Davis comes (we actually ended up with gorgeous Colorado weather). We started at a park and ended in an ally, all within a few blocks of each other. I was in heaven! I love couples who are so natural together…nothing is forced! You’ll get to see 2 couple like that in this blog! These are the types of people that, even if just for a moment in their crazy lives, have found joy in the journey.

As most of you know, before I moved I handed off my maternity and newborn shoots to the amazing Essie Rose Photography. When I was looking for other maternity pictures that I would like to share I came across a shoot I did with some great friends of mine a while back. I can’t believe I never shared these! I guess you’ll get to see the difference between a winter Denver maternity session and a summer Vegas maternity session ha!

Its crazy how time flies! I feel like it was yesterday I had Amy spin around in her wedding dress. She danced again for me with baby Ezra in her belly, and now I know she spends her days spinning, bouncing, singing and dancing with her sweet girl. All I have left to say is this…FIND joy in the journey. Emphasis on find because the joy is already there, you just have to look for it. -Adena

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