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My Mini – Denver Senior Photographer

I was so thrilled when Autumn decided to come and see me for her senior pictures. She flew across the country to get in front of my camera! So we did about 3.5 sessions in the week she was here haha! Just a little history…because what’s a throw back Thursday post without throwing it WAY back!

Autumn is my baby cousin. She was one of my first models back in my point and shoot days. She was my flower girl. She was attached to my hip anytime I was back east visiting my family.

Now she’s a senior! (If you’re one of my long time friends I’m sure your jaw just dropped!) Time flies! She is beautiful, inside and out. She has fallen in love with photography so she is the new home to my starter camera, a Canon Rebel. She is smart. She is too far away from me. She’s one of my best friends.

So when I say that this is my favorite senior session, please understand my emotional attachment! We had loads of outfits, a handful of locations, and SO MUCH FUN! “Narrowing down” the pictures for this blog post was pretty much impossible! I’m sure you’ll agree!


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Arvada Family Photographer

I just wanted to share a few images from a couple of recent family sessions! I love to get these little ones in front of my camera and I especially love to see their parents eyes light up when they look at their munchkin.

And I just can’t get over how much this sweet little lady has changed in a year…here is a little flashback with her family’s fall session from this year!

And look at her now! She’s such a ball of energy and kept us on our toes but she also knew how to give the camera EXACTLY what it was looking for. So sweet!


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Andie – Arvada Senior Photographer

Ahh! My first class of 2016 senior! I was so excited to meet up with this pretty lady and capture such an important time in her life. Only a week fresh into her senior year, we had an amazing, relaxing shoot. I’m sure you’ll be seeing alot of her face on my social media sites but I wanted to share my favorites on my blog too!

Since this is my first post for the class of 2016 I thought it was a good time to give all of my seniors some tips for your shoot with me…

1. Be ready to relax and have fun, I’m super bossy and I promise to make you look fabulous!

2. When I say “one more” I actually mean about 8 more.

3. Bring your momma, your sister, your friend. Anyone who will encourage you and help you feel more comfortable! Warning: They will probably end up in a picture or two!

4. Variety! I love clothes! I love shoes! I love accessories!

5. If you can swing for a 2 hour shoot…do it! The most magical stuff always happens after the first hour is up.

6. If the fisheye lens comes out, you know I’m having too much fun.

7. In case I haven’t filled all of my c/o 2016 clients in…two words…PROM SHOOT. At the end of the year you’ll be getting an email from me inviting you to the 2016 Prom Shoot. You get to pick your favorite dress that you wore this year and get in front of my camera again! Its pretty much my favorite day of the year.


















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Blush & Tease – Denver Boudoir Photographer

Well its been ALMOST a year since I’ve blog. I’m a little ashamed, but not really. I’ve been very very busy growing the other side of my business! Last month I signed a lease on my first ever studio space. It really is such a (big, crazy, exciting, terrifying) dream come true! If you have chatted with me at all, you know that I’m now specializing in boudoir photography here in Denver. Now, I know that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but let me tell you, I have a passion for showing everyday woman just how extraordinary they are! That doesn’t always mean lingerie and the sexy face!!! Its more about telling their story, in a stripped down, simplified version. Which sometimes means just a woman, feeling fantastic, wrapped in sheet. Sometimes it means a woman being super vulnerable and ready to see her true beauty in her favorite pair of jeans. Whatever it is, Blush & Tease is about showing women something that they just can’t see in the mirror.

I try to always keep Blush & Tease stuff separate for obvious reasons but I thought it was important to fill in my followers on my business ventures! If boudoir isn’t for you…just skip this blog and be ready to see some great senior posts soon!

If you would like to know more about Blush & Tease…here are some links to fill you in:




And last but CERTAINLY not least…your personal invite to my open house next week! I hope to see you there!




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Little Giggle & Big Grins

I’ve been waiting to show off some more images from this family mini-session I shot last time I was in Las Vegas. What have I been waiting for? I don’t really know! HA! I moved to Colorado and now I just want to be outside all of the time. Maybe I need a laptop so I can have my cake and eat it too. Anyway, with the kids in school and more time to work, I’m back at it!

This is one of my return families that I just can’t get enough of at one of my all time favorite locations. Essie Rose Photography tagged along to help me and let me just tell you…both of us were so excited (and a little surprised) at how many great shots we got out of a quick mini session! Maybe it has to do with how adorable these two little ladies are!


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