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Lately I’ve been working on my branding. Let me just tell you, I’m so incredibly blessed to have the client base that I do here in Henderson. You all just accept me for who I am and tell all of your friends about me. You don’t blink in eye when I go through a phase, and you still trust me with your pictures. Seeing how many of my shoots are with return clients, it makes me feel like I’m doing something right. So now, back to branding, I’m heading to a state where only a handful of people even know my name. I have to figure out what it is I am doing right…and then play off that. HA..lost my attention already. I just do what I do. Then it hit me. Word #1. REAL. I want your experience with me to be real. I don’t fake it. When I jump up and down after I get the perfect shot…thats really me (embarrassingly enough). After years of doing this I still get swept away in planning shoots, learning new tricks, and meeting new people who want me to make their life stand still for a moment. So from the time you contact me and we talk about ideas, to the moment we meet up with a crazy family, or a reluctant husband, to the moment I’m dancing around in circles or making strange noises just to have fun with your kids. I want it to be real. And I want you to be real. I crave those moments when you look at the people posing with you and realize…”I am so lucky”. I want to freeze that realization for you to frame forever. No picture perfect, posy posy. Just REAL. I’m sure there will be more words to come as I explore my business and figure out how I work and how I want to handle a new business in Denver. Marketing, advertising, brandingggg….see you lost me again. Give me REAL people, and a camera…and just let me be me.

Although recently, I have decided I would like to specialize in high school seniors and boudoir, I just could never give up photographing children. Now I’m starting to pick up why…they don’t know how to fake it. They are 100% REAL. I love their giggles as much as I love their attitude and their shyness as much as their showing off. So without further ado…a few of my shortie clients. Some of the REAL kids of Photos by Adena.

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